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UBM 240What is the UBM®?

The UBM®, the machine that makes buildings is an all-terrain, factory on wheels that produces durable steel buildings in days rather than weeks or months. Easily operated and efficient, the UBM is transported directly to the construction site via truck or airplane to anywhere in the world. A small crew of 10-12 workers can manufacture and assemble a 10,000 square feet structure in as little as a single day.

This patented, state-of-the-art technology uses an integrated microprocessor to produce unique structures from various designs with ground-to-ground, self-supporting panels that require no beams, trusses, columns, nuts, bolts, fasteners, screws or sealants. An array of ancillary support equipment accompanies the UBM as well as proprietary design and cost-analysis software. The UBM mobile factory contains integrated technology for remote programming and even adjustment by the M.I.C. factory, thousands of miles away.

The UBM meets high safety standards including European CE compliance. UBM buildings are virtually maintenance-free, since they are watertight, rust-free, earthquake and fireproof. Buildings manufactured with the UBM outperform most structures with their proven functionality in severe weather conditions (heavy snow and typhoons). A cost–effective solution, the UBM simplifies construction.

Advantages of the UBM®


M.I.C. Industries, Inc. is the sole worldwide manufacturer and registered trademark owner
of the Ultimate Building Machine® (UBM®), Automatic Building Machine® (ABM®),
K-Span®, Super-Span®, Super K-Span®, and other complementary products.