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The UBM® Package

Included in the Ultimate Building Machine® package is an array of products and services that are helpful to constructing your UBM buildings, making construction easier, faster, and more efficient.

M.I.C.-PROSOFT software functions as a virtual design and engineering team that designs versatile structures, tests for structural integrity, and instructs the UBM to fabricate panels required for your soil conditions, snow and wind load requirements. This proprietary software allows you to build a variety of structures through its flexible designs. M.I.C.-PROSOFT also estimates the quantity of building materials and the cost of your structure, so your valuable resources are not wasted.

Mobile Insulation Systems
Increase the efficiency of your building with M.I.C.’s mobile insulation systems. M.I.C. cellulose and urethane insulation systems
reduce ventilation requirements while they increase the desired comfort levels in UBM manufactured steel structures. Once insulated, UBM buildings can be air-conditioned and heated by conventional air-conditioning and heating systems.

Ideal for residential and commercial facilities, cellulose insulation provides excellent thermal insulation, acoustic control, and has an attractive finish. A remarkable solution for cold storage buildings, urethane insulation also works well for industrial and agricultural buildings.

Construction Support Unit
Designed to support the Ultimate Building Machine, M.I.C.'s Construction Support Unit (CSU) serves as a self-contained comprehensive workshop and tool storage trailer. This indispensible vehicle increases on-site construction capabilities with its ability to keep your tools organized and to prevent theft with its secure lock.

Coil Transporter
M.I.C.’s rugged coil transport system streamlines construction by feeding multiple galvanized steel coils directly into the UBM. It supports several coils of steel, which can be loaded or replaced while operating the UBM. The coil transport system also supports multi-color steel to enhance the appearance of your building.

On-Site Training
M.I.C. empowers you with the skills to achieve your construction goals by offering comprehensive on-site training by seasoned professional trainers, ensuring a successful project. M.I.C. embraces a hands-on learning approach to training and focuses on operation and maintenance training as well as M.I.C.-PROSOFT software training.

Project Management
Capitalize on our expertise with M.I.C. Project Management. Project managers are available to support you with planning and building plans. M.I.C. experts will help transform your project from an initial concept to a solid, completed structure.