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The Process is Simple with the UBM®

The process begins with the selection of the building design, shape and size. The UBM building system offers almost limitless building designs. Once the building shape and dimensions are selected, M.I.C.’s exclusive proprietary software, M.I.C.-PROSOFT may be utilized to determine the required amount of raw material – steel coil. M.I.C.-PROSOFT is a virtual design and engineering team that can design, test for structural integrity, and then instruct the UBM mobile factory to fabricate panels required for the soil conditions, snow and wind load requirements for the particular job. M.I.C.-PROSOFT will also calculate the estimated cost of the structure.

Simple Steps to Your Building


M.I.C. Industries, Inc. is the sole worldwide manufacturer and registered trademark owner
of the Ultimate Building Machine® (UBM®), Automatic Building Machine® (ABM®),
K-Span®, Super-Span®, Super K-Span®, and other complementary products.