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Advantages of the UBM®

Ultimate Building Machine ConstructionRapid Construction
The UBM®, a self-contained manufacturing factory on wheels, is capable of fabricating and assembling an entire building at the construction site. The high speed of construction and the patented process of seaming panels allow a crew of 10 to 12 workers to assemble a building
in as little as a single day. Construction time is shortened, since UBM steel buildings require no screws, bolts, fasteners, beams, trusses or columns.

Our customers have reported that the UBM costs 40 to 60 percent less than labor-intensive conventional construction or prefabricated buildings. The UBM’s state-of-the-art technology lowers cost by reducing the crew and by eliminating your dependency on architects or engineers. With the UBM’s patented seaming machine, there is no need for nuts, bolts or screws. This feasible solution allows you to manufacture a UBM® building in as little as a single day, saving valuable time and money.

UBM 240 Mobile FactoryMobile
The UBM, a self-contained manufacturing factory, is designed to ease logistic support requirements. Built with a rugged, all-terrain, road-tested trailer, the UBM can be transported by truck or deployed by aircraft to any remote construction site in the world.

UBM building flexible designsFlexible Designs
The UBM allows you to build structures to your unique specifications. Clear span building widths can be small or large. Building lengths and the ability to later expand a building are unlimited. The UBM’s computer precision provides you with an unmatched capability to create self-supporting ground-to-ground panels with gable, double and single radius designs. Various colors of steel can also be used in the UBM to enhance the appearance of your buildings.

Durable and Low Maintenance Buildings
The UBM constructs durable, virtually maintenance-free buildings, because they are watertight, rust-free and fireproof. UBM buildings have been tested for severe weather conditions and can withstand typhoons, earthquakes, harsh winds and heavy snow. With the UBM’s state-of-the-art software and built-in modem communication, M.I.C. allows you to
complete your updates and repairs remotely.

The Process


M.I.C. Industries, Inc. is the sole worldwide manufacturer and registered trademark owner
of the Ultimate Building Machine® (UBM®), Automatic Building Machine® (ABM®),
K-Span®, Super-Span®, Super K-Span®, and other complementary products.
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