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Reston, Virginia - April 3, 2017- M.I.C. Industries, Inc. alerts all present and future customers to be cautious of certain companies selling counterfeit or look-alike building machines. 

A number of M.I.C. Industries' customers have reported being offered new or used building machine equipment, which the seller claims have been manufactured by M.I.C. Industries.  These unauthorized sellers often use M.I.C. Industries' registered trademarks and the machines physically resemble our equipment. 

In order to safeguard our customers, we strongly encourage you to verify your purchase with M.I.C. to ensure that you are not buying substandard counterfeit mobile factories, which may result in collapsed buildings as some reports have indicated.

M.I.C. Industries, based in the United States, is the sole world-wide manufacturer of its building machine product line which includes: ULTIMATE BUILDING MACHINE® (UBM®) and AUTOMATIC BUILDING MACHINE® (ABM®), often sold under trademarked names K-SPAN® and SUPER K-SPAN® which are also owned by M.I.C. Industries.

“M.I.C. has for nearly three decades invested in state-of-the-art engineering to create unique building machines that provide our customers with the highest quality mobile factory for their steel building requirements,” says E. Penland, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer, M.I.C. Industries, Inc.

“Please check before investing to ensure that you are getting M.I.C. Industries’ patented, quality equipment and that your customers get the durable, flexible, cost-effective structures they expect and deserve,” adds Penland.
Anyone stating that they are a representative or affiliate of M.I.C. Industries should contact M.I.C. for verification. Please contact us at:

M.I.C. Industries, Inc.
Email: webmaster@micindustries.com
Fax: 703-318-9321




M.I.C. Industries, Inc. is the sole worldwide manufacturer and registered trademark owner
of the Ultimate Building Machine® (UBM®), Automatic Building Machine® (ABM®),
K-Span®, Super-Span®, Super K-Span®, and other complementary products.
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